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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tara Bhora Akasher Niche. By Srijato !

We usually used to go to bangalore every year to our son.

 It was in such a visit -we found our son and daughter-in -law

pretty busy with music rehearsal. There were other young guys

 too and they looked quite serious.My wife ,of course, got busy

cooking some tasty snacks for them.On enquiring we were

informed that they would be participating at  BoiTHEK by

Ananda Publisher and hence the rehearsal.

Finally they participated , enjoyed and came back with 1424

Sharodia Anandabazar Patrika. 

It was from that Patrika that I came along Tara Bhora

Akasher  Niche by Srijato. Today I finished it and found it quite

abstract and interesting . A sort of dreaming experience- I should

say !!

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