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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

My fellow traveller in an app cab !

Few days back I was travelling in an app cab . There were only three

passengers includimg me.I took the back seat along with a married lady

around 38/40 years of age.Soon we picked up a conversation and I came

to know that she was a housewife.As we plunged deeper she declared that

she was childless though married for 20 years. On further enquiry I came to 

know that her husband runs a manufacturing unit in Varanasi.Since I was

in business - left after heart problem - I naturally enquired about their product.

To my great exitment she revealed the products as noodles, chowmein,pasta etc.

She even showed a video of their automatic machine producing such items on 

her smart phone.

Now it was my turn to exite her with my revelation -having done pioneering 

jobs in such machineries. In fact some local people still says 'There goes the 

Chowmein man' whenever they see me! She immediately asked for my phone 

mumber.I smiled for a moment and told her 'A lot of water has passed through 

the Ganges while I retired from business.'

Finally she reached her destination -but before leaving she complimented me

with teary eyes.
"All alomg I felt  I was with my father."

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