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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Man thrown before a hungry tiger ?

We were school going  kids when we heard of a strange incident.  Even  our

elders seemed to be often  talking about it in a concerned manner. I somehow

 still remembered it which  now I am going to relate.

There were many eminent hotels & restaurants in Calcutta during those days

too. However there was a particular hotel which suddenly came to focus.

Customers seemed to have taken  some kind of fascination on the delicious 

food that it served.

Finally the secret came out when a senior police officer was having his lunch.

In his mutton  curry he noticed a finger of a little boy ! He became suspicious 

and decided to inspect  the kitchen .On further inspection  he found the body of

a boy inside a covered drum.He was shocked to find the hotel serving human


When the news came out there was a public cry to throw the owner before a

hungry tiger.

And exactly that was done .

He was eaten alive by a zoo tiger of Calcutta! (I am not sure if its fictitious or true)

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