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Monday, April 4, 2016

Who was he ?

It was a surprising moment ! I mean a day !!

Yes-it was a Sunday morning -as far as I could remember.

I was always an early riser, in fact not such an early riser as 

one might think. To be more precise I usually  got out of my

bed within 6.30am.

So-as I was saying -it was a Sunday morning when I , surprisingly

awoke at about 3am. I am not sure whether somebody or something

shook me or-maybe it was ....as you know ...ahem !! just a moment

of apprehension ! Or was it an earthquake after all ?

Well -nothing of that sort. Then it must be a hallucination, I thought.

Well the entire thing began in such a way .

Now here I will relate the entire episode that unfolded before me.

I was always an introvert and- try as I would - I remained the same.

I still remember the day when I went to a certain place (  can't remember)

where I had a strange experience!

It was in a certain house situated at the bank of Ganges. The house was

probably known as Hamber or Hamlet or probably Hamburg.Sorry for

 failure  of my memory but the name began with an H -and that is all that

I remember.

(To be continued)

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