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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Few words on Manna De

Manna De lived in North Calcutta. It was a five minutes walk

from our house. During those days he spent most of his time

in Bombay but used to visit his home in Simla Street.There was

a day when we saw him with Md Rafi , like commoners, buying 

cigarettes from Ganga's Pan shop.It was not an every day sight.

We were probably in our College days when we used to have

regular music addas in our house.Many of us were serious about

music. One among us was a die hard fan of Manna De. He was

so bent upon taking music lessons from Manna De that, one day,

he picked up enough courage to call at his house at Simla Street.

When , in the evening , he related his experience - it was a kind

of shock & awe situation for us. Manna De was in  relaxed mood

when he revealed his intention. De quickly reacted " Do you know

wrestling ?"My friend was simply bowled out-what a question !!

When he finally replied, Manna De said" Go and learn wrestling and

then think of music." 

Its a wonder that once he was quite serious about wrestling and took

 his lessons from the renowned Gobor Goho.  

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