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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Intellectuals misguiding Society !

 Probably no one will disagree that a debate on the above 

subject was inevitable. In fact those who seldom bothers

to give a serious thought to such issues -too might be

tempted to vent out their anger and frustration-given the

opportunity ! Of course some might think otherwise.

Sutanuti Parishad has provided that opportunity!

Speakers :  For :Suman Chaterjee,Kunal Sarkar, K. Mukherjee.
                  Against: Subhaprasana, Dr. Bula Bhadra,Kaushik Sen.
Moderator: Anindya Mitra. 

What : A debate on the mentioned subject.
Where: At Sovabazar Nat Mandir.
When : 30th August'13  at 6pm.

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