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Monday, May 6, 2013

Chatu Babu Latu Babur Bari !

In a report by Abhinanda Datta (The Telegraph, Metro Dt.6th May 2013) it is

stated" Chatubabu Latubabur Bari, now known for the family's annual Durga

and Kali Puja."

It is to be noted that the word 'now known' is perhaps incorrect.If one cares

to search history (or the Net) one could easily find the importance of the house

in various fields for centuries.Apart from Durga, Jaggadharti,Saraswati,Kali and

even Kartik Puja -the Jhulan & Charak Utsab too is celebrated till now.The house

is equally well known for its patronage towards Indian Classical Music !

Chatubabu himself was a musician and perhaps the first Bengali Sitarist.

Eminent artists like Bade Gulam Ali Khan,Amir Khan,Udayshankar, Ravishankar, Vilayat

 Khan,Roshan Kumari,Allarakha, Karamutalla etc. performed in this house.

This tradition is still maintained by mainly Saibal & Mausam Deb.


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