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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Great Atlantic Treasure !

Wonder never seems to take a pause. But there are wonder
of wonders that keeps us awestricken ! Who knows what the
deep sea might reveal-especially when one suddenly stumbles
upon such titanic discovery. Yes we are dumbfounded to know
about the recent discovery by Sea Explorers near Alantic.The
British ship Mantola which was bound for Calcutta with Captain
David James Chivas ( nephew of Chivas Brothers,manufacturer of
Chivas Regal Brand of Scotch Wiskey) at the helm was hit by a
German torpedo in the year 1917. She went under the Atlantic and
along with her went 18 passengers , 165 crew members and around
20 tonnes of silver-worth about $18 million at todays price. She
was finally located with the help of a tethered robot.
What a catch !!!

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